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Our mission is to provide small emergency loans to everyone.

Louise wrote "This loan saved us so much this month!"

I'm writing to let you guys know that you really helped me and my Uni flat mates out this past week. With the rent, Uni, food, and phone bills, sometimes even when sharing the costs, we still can't manage to come up with enough money. That's when we heard of Community Payday, and with the help of your payday loans, we were able to pay all our bills on time! Me and my roommates thank you!!

David "You saved my wedding!"

Just last month, I wasn't able to drive to work because my car broke down and I recently paid for my wedding. I got it towed, but soon realised I didn't have enough money to pay for the repairs. Luckily, Community Payday gave me a quick advance, and I was able to get my car out of the garage. If I hadn't gotten the money so quickly, I could've lost my job! I owe you guys!! Thanks again.

What is a Payday Loan?

Payday loans are quick, short term loans which provide a lifeline when you fall short of money before payday. Short term loans are used for a number of different reasons, from unexpected bills to emergency purchases.

Why Community Payday?


Community Payday's mission is to be able to provide quick, small emergency payday loans to everyone. We can transfer the money into your bank account in 7 SECONDS, helping you to avoid difficult situations. There are no long forms or interviews; simply apply online, via your mobile device (using our mobile website or free apps) or by text SMS now. We have an impressive 82% acceptance rate so we’re able to offer solutions to most applicants.


Community Payday provides affordable payday loans and have a strict, responsible lending policy. We charge a simple FLAT fee of £12 per week for every £100 borrowed. The overall cost is usually significantly lower than that of our competitors.


We’re different from other loan providers. All we require is that you are over 18 years and live in the United Kingdom and we can approve loans for those who normally would be denied loans by banks.  How does it Work? Get your short term loan in three simple steps: 1. Apply now online, by text message or using our free apps 2. Choose the amount of money you would like to borrow 3. The money will be transferred straight into your account